Autentico og Unico Real Wines

We give you close to the grape experiences and wines from the new worlds underworld

Autentico & Unico Real Wines was established in 2012, and is one of the leading importers in Norway.

- Close to the grape experiences.
Autentico work mainly with family run wine companies around the world. The main focus is within the classical wine areas and with the farmers that works in balance with the nature - not against it! The main part of the producers is situatet in Europe, but we´re off course looking for great wines within our philosophy around the world. We believe taht the best wines is the wines made with sustainable farming and that it´s made without manupilation in the vineyard or the cellar.  

Unico Real Wines - The "New Worlds Underworld".
In Unico we work with the same principles as Autentico, but with a few exceptions;
In Unico you´ll find a lot off the best names among the producers from outside of Europe, and also the unique names within it´s category/area around the whole world.
Many of the wine producers will be under the category of  a "natural" wine producer, and you´ll also find the stars of tomorrow in Unico Real Wines portfolio. From these producers the volume is normally quite small, and the wines is mainly sold to the restaurants and the monopoly shops that know what they´re looking for.
The wines in Unico Rel Wines is normally at a higher price, but you´ll also find wines that is made together with small producers to help the producer to grow volume and make their business sustainable long-term.

We´ll help you with any questions you might have.
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Naturlig eller ikke naturlig - Det er ikke valget

Debatten om Naturvin er preget av store følelser og like store misforståelser. En av kildene til kontroversene rundt ”naturvinene” er at ingen helt vet hva naturvin er.

Det grønne skiftet

Noen bare snakker, vi gjør det. Selv om høstens politiske valg er over er det nye valg å ta. Å velge grønt er et av dem. ”Pinnevinen” er nå økologisk!